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Installation Steps
Copyright (C) 2012 Secrule co., Ltd.
tar -zxvf falcon.tar.gz
2£ºCheck the program compiling environment
cd Release/
When you see the following information,the program compiling environment is ready.
Found inotify success!
Found mysql-dev environment success!
3£º Install Falcon control center
vim ./falconconsole/public/
Change the database connection information of the configuration files , if the console and monitor program were not installed in the same server, please ensure that console has right to connect to Mysql database
4£º Change the configuration file of monitor,web directory must end of the "/"
cd Release/
vim src/conf/global.conf
5£ºMonitor program in the background
nohup ./falcon start >falcon.log 2>&1 &
ps aux|grep "falcon"
root 2981 0.2 0.3 9352 1848 pts/0 S 04:46 0:00 ./falcon start
The program will generate the log file falcon. Log in the current directory
Then you can visit console page like
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