A boilerplate for creating Google chrome extensions.


Sample Google Chrome Extension

A "boilerplate" of sorts specifically for creating Google Chrome extensions. Just a preliminary boilerplate for now, with future plans to extend as a "Packaged App" as well.

Basic Extension Structure:

  • background.html
  • images/
  • javascripts
    • background.js
    • inject.js
    • options/
      • options.js
    • popup/
      • popup.js
  • manifest.default.json
  • manifest.json
  • options.html
  • popup.html
  • styles/


This boilerplate was built from documentation on Google Code, if anything here isn't explained here with enough detail please take a look at their documentation for further explanation.



GRE Testing

This sample chrome extensions helps you study for the GRE in your browswer while you surf the net. Just a simple sample that I was thinking of while I was uselessly browsing the YouTubes.

Simple Twitter

This example ties into the Twitter UI by simplifying it. It essentially dynamically creates a link to a stylesheet in the so that certains styles are overrident to make the experience a bit simpler. Nothing too complicated, but helps demonstrate how you can use extensions to create a more desirable experience for you and others.


Sarah Chipps - https://twitter.com/#!/SaraJChipps