Matlab code that implement image processing to calculate the amount of nuclei in the cells
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This README file contains the steps required to run the Matlab function CountCells.m

In the zipped folder given, There is:
 - A Matlab function (CountCells.m) 
 - 3 images 
 - 1 README.txt file 
 - A report explaining the process and functions used in order to obtain the result

1) Once the zipped folder has been downloaded, extract the contents of the folder to the desktop

2) Open the Matlab program

3) Drag & drop the extracted folder into the Matlab program

4) Right click the folder and select 'Add to Path'

5) Then, select 'selected Folders'

6) At the command window, input the name of the function and enter the name of the image that is needed for the nuclei calculation. For example : 

 - CountCells('StackNinja1.bmp');

7) Hit enter once the function and the name of the image has been keyed in the command window

8) The output of 5 processes will be displayed:
 - Your input image
 - Your image after pre-procesing
 - Canny edge of your image
 - Final processed image with total number of nuclei
 - Your image perimeter pixels overlay with the original input image 

Thank you!