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A file-find utility written in Scala
Scala Shell
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FileFind (ff)

This is a file-find utility written in Scala.


Run ff by itself to see the usage information:

$ ff

Usage: ff [options]

  -d, --dir <value>        required; the directory to search
  -p, --search-pattern [searchPattern] (like 'StringBuilder' or '^void.*main.*')
                           required; regex patterns must match the full line
  -f, --filename-pattern [filenamePattern] (like '*.java')
                           required; the filenames to search
  -b, --before [before] (the number of lines BEFORE the search pattern to print, like 1 or 2)
  -a, --after [after]   (the number of lines AFTER the search pattern to print, like 1 or 2)

Here’s an example command:

ff -d /Users/al/Projects/Flutter -f "*.dart" -p ListTile -a 10

It means:

  • Search the directory named /Users/al/Projects/Flutter
  • Search for files ending with the .dart extension
  • Look for the string/pattern ListTile
  • Print 10 lines after each instance ListTile is found

Sample output looks like this:

  67:                       child : ListTile(
  68:                         title : Text("${note.title}"),
  69:                         subtitle : Text("${note.content}"),
  70:                         // Edit existing note.
  71:                         onTap : () async {
  72:                           // Get the data from the database and send to the edit view.
  73:                           notesModel.entityBeingEdited = await NotesDBWorker.db.get(;
  74:                           notesModel.setColor(notesModel.entityBeingEdited.color);
  75:                           notesModel.setStackIndex(1);
  76:                         }
  77:                       )

Building the app

I initially build the app with sbt-assembly, then create an executable with GraalVM. The steps are:

  • Run sbt assembly, or run assembly from the SBT prompt
  • That creates a JAR file named target/scala-2.12/FileFind-assembly-0.1.jar
  • cd into the Graal directory
  • Source the first file, i.e., . 1setup_graal (you’ll need to change that configuration for your system)
  • Then run to create the ff executable with GraalVM

After that, copy the ff executable to your ~/bin directory, or somewhere similar.

More information

For more information, see my Scala “file find” command blog post.

Alvin Alexander

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