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This is a Java version of the old “Xeyes” application
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This is a Java version of the old “Xeyes” application. It’s written to work on MacOS systems, but it can probably be ported to Linux and Windows.

As a warning about the code, I originally wrote it a long time ago. The last time I remember working on it was in a coffee shop in Palmer, Alaska in 2011. As a result of that, and writing most of it late at night, a lot of it looks really old, but I was able to revive it a bit here in 2019. It also relies on a com.sun.awt.AWTUtilities that is deprecated, so that code needs to be replaced. (So, feel free to clean up and update the code, if so desired.)

That being said, it’s a fun little app, and it works on Java 8 on MacOS 10.14 (Mojave). You should be able to build a native MacOS application with the two build scripts:


One other note: You can toggle the app to/from full-screen mode with the [Command][F] keystroke.

Alvin Alexander

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