A test of Casbah database connections in a simple Scala app.
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A project to test Casbah connections

This is a project to help me test Casbah connections and connection pools with MongoDB and Scala. It's configured as an SBT project.

I was having a problem where Casbah appeared to be leaking connections, as shown with this command from the command line:

sudo lsof | grep mongod | grep TCP

However, the latest code fixed that problem, and now only one connection is used at a time (as the current code is single-threaded).


The project consists of the following simple classes and objects under the src/main/scala directory:

  • MainDriver.scala - an object that starts the test
  • Stock.scala - a class and its companion object that does the saving
  • MongoFactory.scala - a central place where i keep the MongoDB information; get the MongoConnection and MongoCollection from here

Per the docs (http://api.mongodb.org/scala/casbah/current/index.html) I'm using Casbah 2.1.5, with Scala 2.9.1.


If you have any questions, you can reach me at http://alvinalexander.com

Alvin Alexander