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Parser for DBS Credit Card Transactions
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DBS & POSB Bank Credit Card Transactions Parser


It's pretty annoying that my local DBS Bank in Singapore doesn't allow downloading of transaction in CSV format. Seriously? They only allow downloads in PDF, so what good is that...

So I figured let's make a parser to convert the data to .csv.

How to use

You'll need to have Elixir installed on your machine.

Clone the repo and run mix deps.get.

Get to your DBS Internet Banking portal

You need to go to the page

Cards > Credit Cards Summary > **Your desired card**

Under Current Statement it should look something like this:

Highlight all the transactions from date column to the last row (excluding the subtotal). Right click and copy or just hit Ctrl + V.

Create any file in the root folder and paste the content from your DBS credit card page. It should look like this:

13 Mar 2019   DELIVEROO.COM.SG  S$33.42
15 Mar 2019   FAVEPAY   S$24.70
15 Mar 2019   GRAB *4435999-9-024   S$11.00

Open your console and run iex -S mix. You are now in Elixir console.

In the console, run the command


where file is the filename where you saved the transactions.

Check your root folder and you should find a file output.csv!


In case you are wondering, this application doesn't send your data anywhere. It just stays locally on your machine.

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