a socketio hack with backbonejs-todos-example, with nodejs backend
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a socket.io chatroom

demo user:alvin|password:pass

a quick hack to try out chat on nodejs, socketio, mongodb, backbonejs mvc with its todo list example.

inspired by

current features

  • todo list with local storage (originally implemented by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet
  • user verification to enter a chat/broadcast message
  • check in current location with web browser
  • chatroom features with command: key in /help(command for help), /ding(play a ding sound), /whoishere(check login users), /get10(get last 10 messages), /crashnode(force restart server, for development)
  • unfiltered message input, (e.g. place a youtube <iframe> to play music during chat), place image, audio, video tag in chatroom, or place a chatroom within a chatroom, etc

chatroom bot

  • send http request - e.g.: "@lahbot request http://callapi.com:8080/api/getsomething" (action:send request and get response)
  • remember command - e.g: "@lahbot $remember [$helloworld] [Hello world!]" (usage:@lahbot $helloworld)(action:send a message "Hello world!")

server requirement

setting up

  • install the nodejs packages as stated in the requirement above
  • copy and rename config.js.sample to config.js, enter the listening port used for server and chat app
  • copy and rename public/chat/js/config.js.sample to public/chat/js/config.js, enter your server host and port as above
  • (optional)copy public/chat/map.php to a php server if you want show location on map
  • install mongodb, then insert at least a username, password in users collections
  • run node!
  • browse to http://yournodeserver.com/chat, type a random message, you should see "Please login to chat"


  • make sure all the required nodejs packages are installed
  • make sure mongodb is installed and connected
  • make sure the html page is connected to the nodejs server, you will see "client connected", when you type message in the chat box, you will see "Please login to chat"


check out @honcheng to get the iphone/ipad client