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Created by Alvin Wan (
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Ergo | Endless Runner Game in Virtual Reality</title>
<script src=""></script>
<a-scene fog="type: linear; color: #a3d0ed; near:5; far:20">
<a-sky color="#a3d0ed"></a-sky>
<!-- Lights -->
<a-light type="directional" castShadow="true" intensity="0.4" color="#D0EAF9;" position="5 3 1"></a-light>
<a-light intensity="0.8" type="ambient" color="#B4C5EC"></a-light>
<!-- Camera -->
<a-camera position="0 0 2.5"></a-camera>
<!-- Icebergs -->
<a-cone class="iceberg" segments-radial="5" segments-height="3" height="1" radius-top="0.15" radius-bottom="0.5" position="3 -0.1 -1.5"></a-cone>
<a-cone class="iceberg" segments-radial="7" segments-height="3" height="0.5" radius-top="0.25" radius-bottom="0.35" position="-3 -0.1 -0.5"></a-cone>
<a-cone class="iceberg" segments-radial="6" segments-height="2" height="0.5" radius-top="0.25" radius-bottom="0.25" position="-5 -0.2 -3.5"></a-cone>
<!-- Ocean -->
<a-box depth="50" width="50" height="1" color="#7AD2F7" position="0 -0.5 0"></a-box>
<!-- Platform -->
<a-cone scale="2 2 2" shadow position="0 -3.5 -1.5" rotation="90 0 0" radius-top="1.9" radius-bottom="1.9" segments-radial="20" segments-height="20" height="20" emissive="#005DED" emissive-intensity="0.1">
<a-entity id="tree-container" position="0 .5 -1.5" rotation="-90 0 0">
<!-- Player -->
<a-entity id="player" player>
<a-sphere radius="0.05">
<a-light type="point" intensity="0.35" color="#FF440C"></a-light>
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