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What is PartKeepr?

PartKeepr is an electronic part inventory management software. It helps you to keep track of your available parts and assist you with re-ordering parts. PartKeepr is designed for hackerspaces with multiple users, but you can also use it to manage your personal electronic part inventory.

Project Status

This project is currently in alpha stage. Code quality is improving constantly. However, this project is not ready for production yet. Please try it out, but handle with care!

Demo Site

To test everything which has been written so far, please visit for a demo which is built from the git sources once an hour.


PartKeepr needs:


Since this project is work-in-progress, please refer to the INSTALL document on how to install PartKeepr.


A very big "thank you" goes out to Georgyo of NYC resistor - although he claimed that he isn't creative, he invented the name "PartKeepr" which eventually became the project's name.

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