What started out as a few patches to Skeinforge, has turned into a whole new user interface which is much easier to use.
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For documentation check: https://github.com/daid/SkeinPyPy/wiki
For downloads check: https://github.com/daid/SkeinPyPy/downloads

This package includes two programs:


    An application for both manually controlling and automatically feeding gcode to a 3D printer.


   A easy to use program for slicing STL files using SkeinForge. SkeinPyPy can also visualize the 3D models in a variety of ways.

   On first run, SkeinPyPy will ask to go through a set of calibration steps that will perform a series of operations on your 3D printer. One of those steps involves extruding a bit of filament where the filament is initially nearly fully extracted.  As such, it you will probably need to run Pronterface first, heat up the extruder enough to be able to extract the filament and then use the Pronterface interface to reverse the extruder motor until the filament is at the right position (specifically, until the filament end is even with where the Bowden tube leaves the extuder motor assembly, on an Ultimaker).


The build script defaults to building for Windows.  If you want to build for Mac OS X or Linux, choose one of:

    ./build.sh osx64
    ./build.sh linux

Note that Mac OS X currently requires the manual installation of wxPython, PySerial, and PyOpenGL:

    sudo easy_install-2.7 pyserial
    sudo easy_install-2.7 PyOpenGL

You will need to download the appropriate wxPython Installer package and install it.  It is available from:


Specifically, install "wxPython2.9-osx-cocoa-py2.7" as it is the build that supports 64-bit execution.



Double-click skeinforge.bat and Printrun.bat.

Mac OS X & Linux

Once built, the two apps -- Pronterface and SkeinPyPy -- must be started from the command line (for now):

    # open a new terminal window and....
    cd osx64-SkeinPyPy-NewUI-Beta4
    ./pronterface.sh &
    ./skeinpypy.sh &

This will start both applications with their console logging output directed into the terminal window.


For Ultimaker users, it is highly recommended -- nearly required -- that you upgrade your firmware to the latest Marlin builds.  See: