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Jekyll administration tool in Rails 3


  • Ruby bundler
  • Jekyll
  • Apache server with vhost to /var/www/


git clone 
bundle install
rails s


Jekyll-Git repository

This install suppose your Jekyll folder is managed by Git.

You need to configure your current Jekyll folder in config/environment.rb :

config.jekyll_folder = '/var/www/'

Basic Authentification

Because you don't want everyone to create/edit/delete posts, you might want to configure a basic auth on these actions.

Edit config/auth_config.yml with the login/password you'll use to create/edit/delete posts.

post-update git hook

In your git repository, update your post-update hook to automaticly update your jekyll website at every post update:

$ cat /home/git/repositories/jekyll.git/hooks/post-update
unset GIT_DIR && cd /var/www/ && git pull && /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/jekyll
echo "finished deployment"
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