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Wordpress project to create a distributed social-bookmark website

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Pressmark: Social Bookmark with Wordpress

Pressmark with a Wordpress installation with all you need to start a social bookmarking website (like,, …).


  • Get Pressmark sources:

    • Download it from Github
    • If you’ve got git installed, clone it from Github (to easily get last updated)
      git clone git:// pressmark
  • Move the source to your webserver, ask a geek how to do it if you don’t know :)
  • Wordpress configuration: copy ‘wp-config-sample.php’ to ‘wp-config.php’ and fill up the MySQL database information.
  • Access to the website where you’ve installed Pressmark, and begin the “2 min. installation” from Wordpress
  • Now that your website is ready, go in the administration pages and activate the following options:

    • In ‘Setting’: select ‘Anyone can register’ and set the ‘New User Default Role’ to ‘Author’ if you want your users to post links;
    • In ‘Plugins’: activate ‘WP-OpenID’ plugin


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