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Integrates with hindent so every time you save a Haskell source file it gets automatically prettified.

Simply using :%!hindent replaces your whole source file with an error message from hindent when you happen to have a syntax error in your code, this plugin manages that annoyance.

Note: If you prefer stylish-haskell use vim-stylishask instead.


Compatible with Vundle, Pathogen, Vim-plug.


By default, vim-hindent will format your code automatically when saving a Haskell source file, but you can use the :Hindent command at any time to format the current file.

To apply hindent on a range, either write the range manually or visually select the desired code and then invoke :Hindent.

Use :HindentEnable, :HindentDisable, :HindentToggle to enable, disable, or toggle running hindent on save.


Trigger hindent when saving (default = 1):

g:hindent_on_save = 1

Number of spaces per indentation (default = '', uses hindent default of 2):

g:hindent_indent_size = 2

Max line length (default = '', uses hindent default of 80):

g:hindent_line_length = 100