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Import an x64dbg database into a Ghidra Project
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x64dbg to Ghidra Database Importer

A simple Ghidra script to import an x64dbg database.

I wrote this to try and bridge the lack of dynamic analysis capability in Ghidra while the debugger is being worked on. It should be fairly straightforward to use and require no additional external dependencies.

It currently supports importing the following:

  • Comments

  • Bookmarks

  • Labels

  • Functions


Just drop the file into your script directory or copy paste its contents into a new script in the Script Manager.


Currently, there is one limitation: Ghidra does not natively support lz4 compression, which is the x64dbg database compression algorithm. Until there is a better way, you can manually decompress your database by running

lz4 -d path/to/db.dd32 path/to/output.json

Then, running the script in Ghidra will prompt you for the location of the decompressed database. Select it and look at the console for the details.


  • Currently, the script has some rudimentary duplicate detection and will re-import modified comments

  • The image name in Ghidra should match the module name in x64dbg (This can be changed easily)

Future Work

  • ❏ Support exporting to x64dbg format

  • ❏ Import structs

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