A simulation of cell factions spreading and fighting in a grid
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Cell Conquest


Cell Conquest is a web application using Vue.js and d3.js.

It simulates the evolution of randomly generated cell factions in a grid.

A cell occupied by a faction lives for a certain amount of time then die, leaving the cell empty. Every 100ms, each faction has a chance to spread to an adjacent cell.

If the cell is already occupied by another faction, the factions will fight. The chance of success is calculated using the following formula: 50% + Attack Bonus (assailant) - Defense Bonus (defender)

All the factions share attributes with randomly values assigned.

Attribute Definition
Lifespan Period of time for which a cell live or is expected to live.
Spread Chance Probability of an adjacent cell to be conquered by a faction each cycle
Required Neighbors Amount of adjacent cells (diagonals included) required for spreading
Attack Bonus Increase the probability of a successful attack
Defense Bonus Increase the probability of a successful defense

These attributes can be updated in the Settings panel.