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Sinatra Active Record Starter Kit

This template provides a basic Sinatra application that includes:

Getting Started

# Clone down this template
git clone <YOUR_APP_NAME>

# Move into your app's directory

# Install all the gems
bundle install

# Remove the old git history and start your own
rm -rf .git && git init && git add -A && git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Configuring Your Database

This template is set up for using a PostgreSQL database. You will need to create a config/database.yml. There is an example at config/database.example.yml.

Once you've created a config/database.yml, you can create your database with rake db:create.

Rake Tasks

This template uses the sinatra-activerecord gem, which provides the following rails-like rake tasks:

rake db:create            # create the database from config/database.yml from the current Sinatra env
rake db:create_migration  # create an ActiveRecord migration
rake db:drop              # drops the data from config/database.yml from the current Sinatra env
rake db:migrate           # migrate the database (use version with VERSION=n)
rake db:rollback          # roll back the migration (use steps with STEP=n)
rake db:schema:dump       # dump schema into file
rake db:schema:load       # load schema into database
rake db:seed              # load the seed data from db/seeds.rb
rake db:setup             # create the database and load the schema
rake db:test:prepare      # Prepare test database from development schema