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Volmer volmer

I play songs that make people think about death and get sad and stuff. 🐦: volmerius

@Shopify Montreal

Melissa Leigh Gore mlg-

Barbershop Labs (@barbershoplabs) Boston, MA

Natalie Weizenbaum nex3

Lead designer and developer of @sass. Works on @dart-lang for @google.


David Fisher tibbon

I like Ruby, Python, JavaScript, motorcycles and modular synths.

LevelUp Boston, Massachusetts

Greg Marra gregmarra

Facebook San Francisco, CA

Chris Rhoden chrisrhoden

Chief Architect @RadioPublic. I spend a lot of time thinking about podcasts.

@RadioPublic Somerville, MA

Denis Ivanov jumph4x

Downshift Labs Oakland, CA

Seth Woodworth sethwoodworth

Education, and a bunch of tangents. Started @GITenberg, contributes to @TLDR-pages and random other libraries

Me, Myself, I Boston

Jade Dominguez plusjade

@Instacart San Francisco, CA USA

Aaron Graves agraves

Everyone appreciates honesty until you're honest with them -- then you're just an asshole.

Thrive Global New York, NY