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A tiny library for the display of huge tables on mobile devices.

Project status

fleXtable is beta and still in developpement.

Although this version is stable, you may encounter bugs.


For now, the library can only use tables id.

fleXtable ( string $tableId, array $columnsToMask, string $windowSize [, bool $debugMode ]);
  • $tableId: the id of the table;
  • $columnsToMask: the number of one or several columns to mask.;
  • maximum width for trigger: if screen width is less than equal to this value fleXtable is triggered;
  • debug mode (optional): if set to true, will add different background colors to .

You can find a full demo here. More details on my blog.

Next features


  • fleXtable will be able to use classes to designate multiple tables.
  • Automatic detection of a horizontal scroll bar in the wrapper, which will no longer require to indicate a break size when using fleXtable.