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(Retroactively) add Raphael Michel to the AUTHORS/aboutus files. Welc…

…ome to SymPy!
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commit 2750daf43d906a0f78ead7bd35ee74af29bac0e9 1 parent 764b8c8
Aaron Meurer asmeurer authored
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −0  AUTHORS
  2. +2 −1  doc/src/aboutus.txt
1  AUTHORS
@@ -196,4 +196,5 @@ Sanket Agarwal <>
Manoj Babu K. <>
Sai Nikhil <>
Aleksandar Makelov <>
+Raphael Michel <>
Sachin Irukula <>
3  doc/src/aboutus.txt
@@ -203,7 +203,8 @@ want to be mentioned here, so see our repository history for a full list).
#. Manoj Babu K.: Improve gamma function
#. Sai Nikhil: Fix to Heavyside with complex arguments
#. Aleksandar Makelov: Fixes regarding the dihedral group generator
-#. Sachin Irukula: changes to allow Dict sorting
+#. Raphael Michel: German translation of the tutorial
+#. Sachin Irukula: Changes to allow Dict sorting
Up-to-date list in the order of the first contribution is given in the `AUTHORS
<>`_ file.
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