Drupal 8 module for a configurable block that displays feeds from a twitter username
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Drupal 8 Twitter Feed

Installs a block that displays the most recent Tweets from a username. This module requires abraham/twitteroauth PHP library.


  • Clone this repository into your site's /modules directory.

  • Install the abraham/twitteroauth composer package in your Drupal 8 site with the following command:

$ composer require abraham/twitteroauth
  • Create an application in your twitter developer console. Create a new app. If you want to use this for local testing, use '' for the URL.

  • Generate the Access Token for your Twitter app.

  • Enable the Twitter Pull module and copy and paste the information into the Configuration page at /admin/config/twitter_pull/twittersettings

  • Navigate to /admin/structure/block. Select Place block in a region and search for Tweets block.