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Knight's Tour Problem


Graphs (Networks) are a useful data structure that can be used to model complex relational problems

Nodes (vertices) - things we are intersted in

Edges (links between nodes) - model the relationships between the things we are interested in


The Knight's Tour is a sequence of moves that a knight can make on a chessboard to visit every square only once.

Animation from Wikipedia:

Things We Know

  • Chess boards are 8x8
  • Knights move in L shape:
    • 2 squares sideways, 1 up/down
    • 2 squares up/down + 1 sideways
  • More moves in center of board vs sides
    • Have function to ensure move we make is legal

Thinking in Graphs

  • Use integer [0 to 63] to represent each square instead of rank & file
    • Represent 2D structure as 1D structure
      • Create function to convert
  • Each square on the board can be represented as node
  • Moves the knight makes between squares can be represented as edges
    • Each edge represents move from A to B (i.e. Directed Graph)

Solution in Python

Python ~= Pseudocode

Check out solutions.py

Aside: Depth First Search (DFS)