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Hackbright Intro Final Project

Guess a GitHubber! This a fun little game which uses this txt file.

The program randomly picks a GitHubber. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to guess where this GitHubber lives.

To Play:

  • Open terminal - on mac use spotlight search - command + spacebar & type "terminal" & enter
  • Clone the project to your computer. Type or copy & paste:
$ git clone https://github.com/alysonla/hb-intro-final-project.git
  • cd into the project folder. Type or copy & paste:
$ cd hb-intro-final-project
  • Type python guessing_game.py to start the game
$ python guessing_game.py
  • Guess a GitHubber! Enter the number of your location guess
  • To play again, press the up arrow & enter

All pull requests welcome!

Ideas for additional features

  • If incorrect, print out the GitHubber's site url from team.txt file.
  • Sort out multiples so San Francisco doesn't appear more than once in possible_locations list
  • Allow for option to choose last X GitHubbers in list.
  • Put game into a loop to automatically keep playing until someone types 'end' etc