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Open Source Monthly

This is a repo to track issues for the Open Source Monthly dashboard.


The dashboard shows the activity on GitHub.com for open source Organizations by month. Data is pulled from the githubarchive, which is collected from the GitHub Events API.


Note: It may be somewhat slow to load at first as it's querying ~90k orgs & 6M rows of data.

About the charts:

On the left side is a bar chart of total "Event Types" for each activity type on GitHub.com stored on the GitHub Archive. On the right is a time series chart showing the total org events (contributions) by day as a solid line as well as a dotted trend line. Below is a tree map chart that shows the repos in the org - the more contributions, the larger the box.

Hover over the charts for tooltips & on the org octicon for more information.

If you're curious about a certain repo, click on the box & the other charts will update to reflect the breakdown of event types & timeline specific to that repo.

If you're curious about a certain spike, you can click on the date & again the charts will update.

Looking at the facebook org, you can click on the 'Public' event & see that fb open sourced these 9 repos last month. 🎉

screenshot 2015-10-27 19 31 39

To remove filters, click in the bottom left corner of the chart or click ‘reset’.

Last, you can pick more than one org to compare activity.

screenshot 2015-10-24 19 40 24

Technical details

This dashboard was built using Tableau & is hosted for free on Tableau Public (like GitHub.com but for data analysts). Hosting is limited to 10M rows & this filtered data set came to ~6M rows. Data is pulled using the Tableau / Google BigQuery native connector.


Click here for a glossary of terms.