for those times you want to make plots with candy-themed color schemes
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Plot the Rainbow!

If you want high-quality, scientifically-researched color schemes for your R plots, check out the RColorBrewer package. If you want your plots to be colored the same way as packs of Skittles (or M&Ms), then this package (RSkittleBrewer) is the way to go.


with devtools:



There are only three functions in this package.

Call RSkittleBrewer on a flavor to get a vector of R color names that correspond to that Skittle flavor.

original_colors = RSkittleBrewer('original')
tropical_colors = RSkittleBrewer('tropical')
wildberry_colors = RSkittleBrewer('wildberry')
smarties_colors = RSkittleBrewer('smarties')
mm_colors = RSkittleBrewer('M&M')

In this project, M&M is a Skittle flavor. It's cool. The British also wanted Smarties (thanks Andy)!

plotSkittles() and plotSmarties() make super awesome illustrations of the color schemes.

I must know more!

Here's a blog post I wrote for you.

who else should I thank?

  • Karl, for helping make this into a legitimate package
  • Jeff and Rafa, for inspiration