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My productivity stack

My productivity stack for workflow transcendence. Ordered by blend of most personally usage/usefulness.

Have suggestions or alternatives? Submit an issue, especially for the following: Comic viewer (zips), image viewer, general file explorer, SFTP client, Adobe Fireworks.


  • ClipX - Clipboard manager. Add sticky & color picker (grab hex code colors from under mouse) plugins. Development discontinued many years ago but still works extremely well and beats Window 10's built-in clipboard manager.
  • Everything - locate files and folders by name instantly. Totally replaced my use of built-in search.
  • AquaSnap Pro - Tiling window manager. Snap, dock & tile windows.
  • sWeather - Taskbar weather reporting, no fuss with plenty of customization options.
  • Greenshot - screenshot power tool, can edit/blur and upload directly to image sharing sites.
  • Notepad++ - General text/code editor, check ##Development for my current IDE.
  • KeePass 2 - Password/private data manager (if not using Chrome's)
  • Process Explorer - Task manager for power users, drop-in replacement.
  • IrfanView - Image viewer, initally released in 1996 and still in active development.
  • Negative Screen - invert or dim your screen for those late night code sessions.
  • CDisplayEx - Image viewer for zip and comics *WARNING* Official installer is full of crapware, you must locate a clean copy elsewhere.
  • SoundSwitch - Multiple audio outputs? Quickly switch default audio devices.
  • Bulk Rename Utility - advanced file renamer

AutoHotKey Scripts

  • Launch Calculator - allows only a single instance of a calculator to be launched. Bound to calc key.

Media / Creation

  • MPV - Media/video player, extremely customizable. Integrated with YoutubeDL for streaming content.
  • XMPlay - Tiny audio player. Grab this skin as the default design is ugly. It also plays old school tracker music and has plugins for game console sound files!
  • Adobe Fireworks - Discontinued bitmap/vector editing tool. The ultimate compromise between Photoshop and Illustrator. RIP Macromedia :(
  • Audacity - Free & open source multi-track audio editing/recording. Mostly use Adobe Audition.
  • Adobe Audition - Defacto audio editing/recording suite. Spectral editing is quite impressive.
  • LiceCAP - Customizable screen recording... to animated GIFs! It's output is quite optimal and has beaten all newer competitors so far!
  • OBS Studio - Streaming and screen/video recording software, open source.


  • WizTree - Disk space visualizer, stupid fast.
  • HWiNFO - Comprehensive hardware analysis/monitoring
  • Driver Identifier - find newer system drivers if absolutely necessary.
  • Sandboxie - Isolate potentially pesky/untrusted applications, to be retired once Windows 10 built-in sandboxing UX has improved.
  • CPU-Z - Hardware identification
  • Process Monitor - shows real-time file system, registry and process/thread activity. Not for the faint of heart. I recommend the checking out the entire Sysinternals utilities index for the various tools.
  • Device Cleanup Tool - Remove non-present devices from Windows Device management


Personal taste

  • Dropbox - Cloud storage, although I'm slowly transitioning to OneDrive/Business because the free version is becoming more and more limited (3 device maximum, constant notification regarding drive being "almost full").
  • qBittorrent - Extremely customizable torrenting application.
  • Rainmeter - Custom desktop widgets. I use it for my World Clock and edited version of Do I need a Jacket 2.0

Online services

  • Spotify Premium - Music/podcast service. Premium because I hate ads and want to support artists.
  • YouTube Premium - I feel legally adblocking and supporting a service is critical to its long term sustainablity... with the drama that is happening on the platform maybe there will be a different option.
  • SignNow - E-signing service, Still with them due to grandfathered pricing, might build my own if I'm forced to pay full price.

Android apps

Physical gear

  • Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm headphones - closed reference headphones with soft pads & readily available replacement pads/parts (Beyerdynamic rarely discontinues models unlike brands... like Audio Technica).
  • Mouse - SteelSeries Rival 500. Oodles of physical buttons and doesn't compromise ergonomics. See my detailed review here. This mouse retired my Logitech G502 in May 2018.
  • Ballpoint pen - Zebra F-701 ballpoint Pen
  • Measuring tape - Used way more often than one would think!
  • Label printer - Ancient Dymo LabelWriter, any model is fine.
  • Monitors - one in landscape (1920x1080), another in in portrait (1200x1920). Can't go wrong with Dell.
  • Keyboard - Wireless Logitech K520 (comes as combo with mouse which I never use). Practically placed media keys and pretty cheap.
  • Bluetooth earbuds - Anker SoundBuds Slim with custom eartips. Cheap, good frequency response and isolation.

Windows 7 only

  • WizMouse - Allows mouse wheel to work on window under the cursor, even if it's out of focus.
  • VirtualCloneDrive - Load ISO files directly, newer versions of Windows have this built-in.


  • Audio Switcher - replaced by SoundSwitch. File available for reference.
  • KatMouse - Scroll unfocused windows. Replaced by WizMouse.
  • SpeedFan - Monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures and check drive SMART status. Not updated actively so it has been mostly replaced by HWInfo
  • ScreenToGif - replaced by LiceCAP. Editor UI is nice but the exported gifs are large.
  • DisplayFusion - Advanced wallpaper manager and misc. tweaks. No longer change my wallpaper frequently enough to care, although I do rarely use it to generate multi-monitor wallpaper.
  • iRotate - Screen rotation hotkeys. I now have two monitors in both portrait & landscape, so I have no need for it anymore.
  • WebMon - discontinued web page monitoring program, used it for checking web comics for updates. Likely to be replaced by a Chrome extension.
  • MediaMonkey - Absolutely incredible media library software. Highly customizable. When my media disks and backup failed catastrophically years ago I never had the time to get things back in order. Maybe I will someday, I enjoyed rating music I listened to on a 0-5 scale which online services can't do.
  • FullContact Address Book - Android contact manager, now crapware. Avoid.


My productivity stack for workflow transcendence. Submit an issue if you have suggestions!




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