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ReactJS client for Mongopop

17th January 2017.

Not for production

A React based web tool to populate a MongoDB Atlas (or other MongoDB) instance with sample data (fetches datasets from Mockaroo).

Usage – development/debugging

Prerequisite: have Mongopop running (be default on localhost:3000).

Assumes that the Mongopop service is available at http://localhost:3000/pop – edit this in App.j if required.

git clone
cd MongoDB-Mongopop-ReactJS
npm install
export PORT=8008 # Any port that isn't being used by Mongopop or other local server
npm start

Build for 'production'

npm run build

And then copy the contents of the build directory to somewhere rootable on your 'production' web server.

Browse to http://localhost:3000/react (or to the IP address or hostname specified in public/app/app.component.ts).

Usage (in 'production' mode)

Run Mongopop and browse to http://localhost:3000/react