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TrackMe – a checkin app based on MongoDB Stitch

Tuesday, 13th March 2018

Not for production

Refer to Building a checkin app with MongoDB Stitch for a more complete description of this app (together with instructions for configuring MongoDB Stitch to act as the backend).

Update: March 2018 – It's now possible to import the application's backend MongoDB Stitch code and configuration (so that you don't need to follow all of the UI steps to create it by hand). Refer to the stitch_app folder for details.

ReactJS client for FourSqaure and other checkin data

A React based web tool to allow users to log in through Google or Facebook, view their own and their friends' checkin data, and send there latest checkin as a text message (via Twilio).

Usage – development/debugging

To make use of this client, the trackme application backend must be running on MongoDB Stitch – see Building a checkin app with MongoDB Stitch for details.

git clone
cd trackme_MongoDB_Stitch
npm install

Edit the value of appId in src/config.js; replacing trackme-xxxx with the value for your Stitch app (find in the Clients tab in the Stitch console after creating your MongoDB Stitch app).

npm start


This is an example app to demonstrate MongoDB Stitch. It lets you view Foursquare and other checkin data.



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