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2011-03-06 Hojung Youn <>
it's still not a stable version.
* lib/Gtk2/ 'meta' keyword renamed to 'info' from now on.
'meta' package symbol conflicts with Moose's 'meta' symbol when used
2011-03-04 Hojung Youn <>
it's not a stable version.
* lib/Gtk2/ now you shoud build() your builder{}ed object
to create an widget in this wrapper. inner builder blocks as a 'hav' argument
are automatically builds before adding. <issue:0002>
* lib/Gtk2/ some exception checks have been added, which handle
whether functions are called for methods or not.
* lib/Gtk2/ 'is_built' accessor added.
2011-03-02 Hojung Youn <>
v0.001 released! :3
* lib/Gtk2/Ex/ is a main module.
* dist.ini: added prerequisites and notice that Class::Accessor supports
moose-like keywords only from version 0.34.
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