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A Cordova plugin for the camera scanner and ID parser SDK's from Use it to scan drivers licenses and other IDs with the device camera, and parse out the data. Android and iOS are supported.

A valid license key is required for both SDKs from for the plugin to work. You only need keys for the platform you are using.

I wrote this code for a project for DPM Solutions, Inc. I provide it here for anyone to use as a starting point if they have a similar need.

To install the plugin directly from here, use the Cordova CLI command:

cordova plugin add

Or you can clone the repository locally if you would like to modify the code and install from there. The plugin is exposed to your Cordova javascript code as the IDScanner object. Simply call the scan() function like so:

function successCallback(result) {
  console.log("Successfully scanned ID for " + result.fullName);
  console.log("Birth date: " + result.birthdate);

function errorCallback(errorMsg) {

IDScanner.scan(successCallback, errorCallback, cameraKey, parserKey);

For all fields available on the result object returned from the IDScanner, refer to DriverLicenseParser.h in the iOS sdk (e.g. firstName, lastName, address1, address2, city, postalCode, licenseNumber, expirationDate, issueDate, etc.)

If you need to update the SDK files from, you can just drop new ones in the sdk folders of the iOS and Android source.