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Making, Project Intialization easier with shell, python and github's api. We all have been through the repetitive task of initializing a git repository locally, then creating the repository on github and then manually adding the remote to the local repository.

This scripting tool will automate the process. All you have to provide is the repository's name and it will initialize and create a repostiory on github for you and will also launch your favourite code editor. As of now, it will launch VS Code but I will change it later.



In terminal:

./ nameofyourproject gitignore-env

*gitignore-env is an optional argument that can be used to initiate a .gitignore file. It fetches from the api, e.g Django, Node, Flask e.t.c

What will it do ?

  • Create a git repository locally.
  • Create a repository on github.
  • Add a readme.
  • Add the remote to the local repository and push it to github.
  • Launch VS Code

Supporting OS

Ubuntu, Mac


  • Python3
  • VS Code*

Setting It Up

  • You need to have github api token, you can get by clicking on Settings -> Developers Settings -> Personal Access Token.
  • Paste the token in the file.
  • In the same file you need to also put your username.
  • There you need to check some of the checkboxes,I have checked all of the checkboxes under admin, user and repo.(That works fine for this particular tool).
  • Create a directory called my-projects in the root (Your repository will be initialized in this folder).
  • Lastly, you need to put your username in place of "yourusername" in line 16 of

Common Errors

  • Make the file executable(Permissions).

chmod u+x


  • Launching Vs Code

  • Adding .gitignore


  • Help in structuring the documentation
  • Provide better comments in the code.
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