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# Takes a list of files as its arguments. These are the JSON data files
# from a Twitter archive. So, for example:
# python ~/TwitterArchive/data/js/tweets/*.js
# A very early version of this was based on:
# but any errors are mine (@amac)
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import sys
import json
import urllib
import re
import os.path
import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont, ImageEnhance
import textwrap
# Constants
# A ton, I don't generally use this many but was lazy
# Where to put the output files (a directory name without trailing slash)
# Number of hours to correct the date
# I used 8 because mostly my tweets were in SF
# I couldn't see a time zone and didn't geotag my tweets
# This is a font from Google that I liked
FONT = 'OpenSans-Regular.ttf'
# Some colours
# White for the background and text background
BACKGROUND_COLOUR = (255,255,255,255)
# Black for the text
TEXT_COLOUR = (0,0,0,255)
# These are numbers and ratios I used for a 7x7 book
# If doing a text only page (no image) I used 4096x4096 which makes a ~500K image
# Below a certain size is too small to print well
# These are used in the program logic to test for the size being too small
# and if too small, to creat at the new size
# Constants to figure out font size and padding
# Corresponding character counts to use with linewrap
# this cleans up the Tweet text
# this is probably a subset of what should be done,
# but can be expanded if necessary
def process_tweet_text(text=''):
#remove links
text=re.sub(r"http\S+", "", text)
#change ampersand
text=re.sub(r"\&amp\;", "&", text)
#removing leading spaces
text=re.sub(r"^ ", "", text)
return (text)
# given a picture file, date, tweet text and output file name
# add a text overlay to the picture and save a new output file
# if no input file is given or the file is not openable,
# create a text only image for the tweet text
def add_tweet(in_file='', #this will be '.jpg' if none otherwise will be an image
date='', #the date expressed in text in the format for adding to the image
text='', #the tweet text
out_file='test.jpg', # the output filename
padding=50, # the padding to use around the text
opacity=0.5): # the opacity for the text box
# load the input image or create one
# An in_file of '.jpg' with no extra filename
# is a signifier of no media and so is a tiny filesize
# the variable "media" is made true if there is a pic
if (in_file == '.jpg') or (os.path.getsize(in_file) < 100):
print "Text Only: "+out_file
img ='RGB')
print "Media didn't open for "+in_file
print "Text Only: "+out_file
# figure out whether it is a vertical or horizontal image
# use "vertical" as a boolean for it
# 1) make the image square based on the longest side
# 2) make sure it is bigger than the MINIMUM_PIXEL_SIZE
# 3) if it isn't make a new one that is WITH_MEDIA_PIXEL_SIZE big
# and place the old one in the new one with a border
# check which side is longer (width is [0])
if (img.size[0]<img.size[1]):
# make sure the bigger side is bigger than MINIMUM_PIXEL_SIZE
# if so, create a new square image and center the old one inside
# if not, create new bigger image and center the old one inside
if (img.size[1]>MINIMUM_PIXEL_SIZE):
new_img ="RGB", (img.size[1], img.size[1]), BACKGROUND_COLOUR)
new_img.paste(img, (((img.size[1]-img.size[0])/2),0))
new_img.paste(img, (((WITH_MEDIA_PIXEL_SIZE-img.size[0])/2),((WITH_MEDIA_PIXEL_SIZE-img.size[1])/2)))
# make sure the bigger side is bigger than MINIMUM_PIXEL_SIZE
# if so, create a new square image and center the old one inside
# if not, create new bigger image and center the old one inside
if (img.size[0]>MINIMUM_PIXEL_SIZE):
new_img ="RGB", (img.size[0], img.size[0]), BACKGROUND_COLOUR)
new_img.paste(img, (0,0))
new_img.paste(img, (((WITH_MEDIA_PIXEL_SIZE-img.size[0])/2),((WITH_MEDIA_PIXEL_SIZE-img.size[1])/2)))
# The text will be overlaid with a level of transparency.
# that happens by:
# 1) creating a new image that with a transparent background
# 2) figuring out how much space the text will take
# 3) creating a translucent background for that text box
# 4) adding the text and date
# 5) putting the image with the text box over the image created above
# 6) write the resulting file
# 1) create a new image that with a transparent background
rect ='RGBA', (img.size[0],img.size[1]), (0,0,0,0))
# 2) figure out how much space the text will take
# calculate some variables to use for font size and padding
font_size = int((FONT_SIZE_CONSTANT)*(img.size[0]))
padding = int (padding*font_size/PADDING_CONSTANT)
#change this if you want vertical padding to be different
vert_padding = padding
# if this is a tweet with media, text should be small
# otherwise bigger
# NB there is a much more scientific way to do this
# but this seemed easier at the time
# the better way would be to use normal_font.getsize(text) to
# get the exact width and height for a particular text
if media:
lines = textwrap.wrap(text,MEDIA_TWEET_CHAR_LENGTH)
lines = textwrap.wrap(text,NO_MEDIA_TWEET_CHAR_LENGTH)
font_size = int(font_size*NO_MEDIA_TEXT_SIZE_MULTIPLE)
# Load the fonts for the tweet text and date (small_font)
normal_font = ImageFont.truetype(FONT, font_size)
small_font = ImageFont.truetype(FONT, int(font_size*DATE_SIZE_MULTIPLE))
# Calculate beginning height of text box
# if media then the box should be as low as possible, given padding
# if not then should be centered
if media: rect_start=rect.size[1]-((vert_padding*1.5)+((len(lines)+DATE_SIZE_MULTIPLE)*font_size))
else: rect_start=(rect.size[1]/2)-((((len(lines)+DATE_SIZE_MULTIPLE)*font_size))/2)
# 3) create a translucent background for the text box
# Draw the text box rectangle
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(rect)
draw.rectangle((0,rect_start,rect.size[0],rect.size[1]), fill=TEXT_BACKGROUND_COLOUR)
# Make it translucent
alpha = rect.split()[3]
alpha = ImageEnhance.Brightness(alpha).enhance(opacity)
# 4) addi the text & date
# this version puts the date immediately above the tweet text
# offset is the place to write text
# start the text a bit below the begining of the text box
offset = rect_start+(vert_padding*.1)
# write the date as Day of the Week, Month Day, Year
draw.text((padding, offset), date.strftime("%A, %B %d, %Y"), font=small_font, fill=DATE_TEXT_COLOUR)
#move the offset down by the size of the date text
offset += int(font_size*DATE_SIZE_MULTIPLE)
# for each line in all the lines of the tweet
# write the tweet text and increment the offset
for line in lines:
draw.text((padding, offset),
line, font=normal_font, fill=TEXT_COLOUR)
offset += font_size
# 5) put the image with the text box over the image created above
# 6) write the resulting file
Image.composite(rect, img, rect).save(OUTPUT_DIRECTORY+'/'+out_file+'.jpg', 'JPEG')
# Main body of the program
# The argument is the list of JSON files
# Count is used to ensure unique filenames and count the number of tweets
# Loop through each json file provided as an argument
for json_file in sys.argv[1:]:
print "JSON File: "+json_file
# open the file, get rid of the first line, and load its json as data
with open(json_file) as data_file:
#get rid of the first line
#read the rest in as json
data = json.load(data_file)
# for each tweet in the resulting data structure
for tweet in data:
count = count +1
# grab the "created_at", strip out the colons for the file name
# and add the count to the end
# NB that this is a little wrong now because I realized that it would
# be better to call the date the date minus 8hrs
# If I edit this, fix that.
filename=re.sub(r"\:", "-", tweet['created_at'])+str(count)
# the date below is used for the date to be put on the pic
date = datetime.strptime(tweet['created_at'][0:16], "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M") + timedelta(hours=DATE_CORRECTION)
# image_name is going to be used for the name of the image
# associated with the tweet
# If it is nothing, that will signify no media with the tweet
image_name = ''
# Loop through the media entities in the tweet data structure
if 'entities' in tweet:
entities = tweet['entities']
if 'media' in entities:
# for each bit of media, grab its url through regex matching
for media in entities['media']:
matched ='media\/(.+?)\.jpg', media['media_url'])
image_name =
print "IMAGE FOUND:"+image_name
# retrieve the image if it isn't already local
# I believe the ":large" is the largest size twitter returns
# Also, Twitter uses URL obscurity for security, so you can
# retrieve images from protected accounts
if not os.path.isfile(image_name+'.jpg'):
# would be great to have error handling here, but lazy
# also Twitter has an unsupported "feature" that allows original image
# size retrievals with :orig
# although, for my images I didn't see a difference
# between this and :large
urllib.urlretrieve(media['media_url']+':orig', image_name+'.jpg')
#Add the tweet text to the image
#or create a new image with just the tweet text
add_tweet(image_name+'.jpg', date, process_tweet_text(tweet['text']) , filename, 75, .5)