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Can't remember the syntax for stuff at the command line? Make cheatsheets and search them with cmdmenu.

Similar to cheat but different. Even more similar to the newer navi.


$ git clone
$ cd cmdmenu
$ sudo npm -g install


  1. Create/get/customize JSON task files. Examples of the file format are here. Each task has a description and a list of keywords to help you search for it.

  2. Make an alias for each task file. For example:

    $ alias shm="cmdmenu -f ~/cmdmenu_tasks/ubuntu_general.json"
    $ alias gim="cmdmenu -f ~/cmdmenu_tasks/git.json"
  3. Get task syntax at the command line.

    $ shm get folder size
    ? Select task (Use arrow keys)
    ❯ Show folder size
      Show file size
      Merge folders
    (Move up and down to reveal more choices)

    press enter

    du -sh <folder>
    ? Copy? (Y/n)
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