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The Pragmatists Code of Conduct

1.- Ideas considered equally and must stand on it's own merit and not the reputation of the proponent.

2.- This code of conduct only governs the technical process of the project.

3.- All comments, contributions and interactions are assumed in good faith unless obvious evidence of contrary.

4.- While interacting with other project contributors in any of the official channels you are expected to show others civility and courtesy.

5.- The project creator and maintainers reserve the right to remove anyone that is deemed as acting on bad faith.

6.- This code of conduct is limited to only the official project spaces as defined by the project creator/maintainers.

7.- The project creator has final say in every decision of the project, technical or otherwise, including overruling previous decisions. There are no limitations to this decisional power.

8.- We only care about your contributions to the project, personal identifiers, including but not limited to, gender, sexual preference, religion, nationality, political preference, race, ethnicity, age, body type or disabilities are not relevant to your contributions or to the discussion.

Inspired by:

A contribution policy for open source that works

The Code of Merit

Toward A Decoupled Code Of Conduct