Cidoc is a sphinx theme for CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine documentation
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Cidoc Sphinx theme

Sphinx is an open-source documentation generator. This means you can write your documentation in ReStructuredText format, and easily generate HTML or PDF output. It simplifies documenting your projects, and helps keep presentation of your documentation separate from your design.

The Cidoc theme is designed to add a consistent style to CodeIgniter and ExpressionEngine documentation. It was forked from the original eldocs theme included with the official CodeIgniter release, and is licensed under the Open Software License v3.0.

The reason for moving this to a separate project is that the eldocs theme included with CodeIgniter is very specific to EllisLab's needs. This theme is designed to be customizable, and can be used on any project.


To use the cidoc theme in your projects, simply include it as a submodule. For example, assuming your Sphinx documentation is stored in user_guide_src/, you could add the theme to your project using the following commands:

mkdir user_guide_src/_themes
git submodule add user_guide_src/_themes/cidoc

Then make sure you include the following lines in your user_guide_src/ file:

html_theme_path = ['_themes']
html_theme = 'cidoc'


The Cidoc theme is designed to be completely customizable for your project, while retaining a consistent style that your users are familiar with. To pass options to the theme, you must add the following code to your user_guide_src/ file:

html_theme_options = {
	# theme options are added to this array, in the format
	# "option_name": "option_value"

The following options are currently available:

  • sitesearch_url: The URL which Google Site Search in the top right of your documentation will use. If left blank, Google Site Search will not appear.

More theme options will be added in future versions.