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# RefineryCMS & Spree Quick Start
+These are the steps I followed to get RefineryCMS 2.0 and Spree 1.2 playing nicely together.
+RefineryCMS and Spree both use Devise for authentication, but they both use a separate version. In Spree 1.2,
+authentication has been moved to a separate gem, allowing you to use your own authentication. As of Refinery 2.0
+it's still quite a lot of work to use your own authentication.
+For this reason, it seemed easiest to configure Spreee to use RefineryCMS for authentication.
Install Refinery:
gem install refinerycms
refinerycms refinery_spree
-Add Spree gem:
+Add Spree 1.2 to the [Gemfile](
gem 'spree', git: 'git://', branch: '1-2-stable'

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