A codeigniter code intel helper for Sublime Text 2
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CI Codeintel Helper.sublime-settings


This is a Sublime Text package which generates and updates an ide helper for using SublimeCodeIntel with the Codeigniter framework.


With Package Control

If you have Package Control installed, you can install Codeigniter Codeintel Helper from inside Sublime Text itself. Open the Command Palette and select "Package Control: Install Package", then search for Codeigniter Codeintel Helper.

Without Package Control

If you haven't got Package Control installed you will need to make a clone of this repository into your packages folder, like so:

git clone https://github.com/speilberg0/ci-codeintel-helper.git "Codeigniter Codeintel Helper"

If you find error or wathever just fork it and send me a pull request.


While working on a Codeigniter project, invoke the command palette and run

CI Codeintel Helper: Create IDE helper

this should create a ci_ide_helper.php file in the base of your CI project to help SublimeCodeIntel offer completion.


  • strip_model [true | false (default)] - add user models to helper with _model taken off the @property variable name