Sample application for the Phalcon PHP Framework
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INVO Application

Phalcon PHP is a web framework delivered as a C extension providing high performance and lower resource consumption.

This is a sample application for the Phalcon PHP Framework. We expect to implement as many features as possible to showcase the framework and its potential.

Please write us if you have any feedback.



The master branch will always contain the latest stable version. If you wish to check older versions or newer ones currently under development, please switch to the relevant branch.

Required version: >= 1.0.0

Get Started


To run this application on your machine, you need at least:

  • = PHP 5.3.9

  • Apache Web Server with mod rewrite enabled
  • Latest Phalcon Framework extension installed/enabled

Then you'll need to create the database and initialize schema:

echo 'CREATE DATABASE invo' | mysql -u root
cat schemas/invo.sql | mysql -u root invo