Erlang implementation of Snakes n Ladders at Functional Conference 2015 Jugalbandhi online coding event
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1. The program assumes 8x8 cell matrix.

1. Compile the 'snl.erl' file
2. Create Players as follows
	eg --> snl:initusers([player1,player2,player3]).
        NOTE: the player name should be atom which means starting letter should be small case and not quotes
3. Each Player takes his turn as follows
	--> snl:play(<playername>)

1. Hardcoded ladder and snake coordinates are assumed. ensure the coordinates doesnt overlap
2. Each player runs as a separete process with an associated state information which contains user name and current index.
3. The process assumes gen_server behavior.
4. The player takes his turn by calling interface method snl:play/1 where the arg is username of type atom.
   In this method the dice outcome is assumed by a uniform random distribution function and passed to the gen_server process handler as index to move
5. In the call back handling of the gen_server, the new index is inspected for both ladder and snake coordinates and next index is calculated
6. The next index is stored in the state info.
7. Whoever reaches final cell, exist the process