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QLNet C# library official repository. QLNet is a financial library written in C# derived primarily from its C++ counterpart, Quantlib, which has been used as a base reference for modelling various financial instruments. QLNet also contains new developments on the bond market like MBS, Amortized Cost, PSA Curve and others.

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Development workflow

QLNet use git flow workflow.

Instead of a single master branch, this workflow uses two branches to record the history of the project. The master branch stores the official release history, and the develop branch serves as an integration branch for features. The develop branch will also contain the complete history of the project.


To contribute features, you should clone the repository, create a tracking branch for develop and create the feature:

git clone
git checkout -b develop origin/develop
git checkout -b some-feature develop

When the feature is ready, you can make a pull request to merge that feature into develop. Note that features will never be merged directly into master.


When a release is ready, we fork a release branch from develop. Creating this branch starts the next release cycle, so no new features can be added after this point; only bug fixes, documentation generation, and other release-oriented tasks go in this branch. Once it's ready to ship, the release gets merged into master and tagged with a version number.


Maintenance or “hotfix” branches are used to quickly patch production releases. This is the only branch that fork directly off of master. As soon as the fix is complete, it will be merged into both master and develop, and master will be tagged with an updated version number.


Thanks to all Quantlib creators and contributors. Thanks to all QLNet contributors. Special thanks to JetBrains for their support of open source projects; QLNet makes extensive use of Resharper.