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MACSCrypt, cryptography algorithms by MACS logic ;)
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MACSCrypt, cryptography algorithms by MACS logic ;)

=MACSCrypt= Powerful cryptography algorithms implementation, with several user interfaces for the demonstration, but you still can access each separate algorithm from a simple API, you can even have a single library for specific algorithm without needing to include everything ...

Integrating MACSCrypt into your code is very simple, it's just one line code needed:

{{{ //DEFINING THE OBJECT: MACSCrypt macsCryptObj = new MACSCrypt();

//DEFINING ALGORITHM AND MODE: macsCryptObj.Algorithm = MACSCrypt::CALGORITHM::AES; //Or DES or DES3 or AES3(NEW!) and implementing ... macsCryptObj.Mode = MACSCrypt::CMODE::EBC; //Or CBC or CTR or OFB or much more, and inventing ...

/*** AND here is the line: ***/

//Encryption: stringOutPut = macsCryptObj.Encrypt(strPlainText, strKey, numberOfRounds, 0); //0 because it's not a file input /*** OR ***/ //Decryption: stringOutPut = macsCryptObj.Decrypt(strCypherText, strKey, numberOfRounds, 0); //0 because it's not a file input

//Koool? and yes it supports files too! }}}


  • 2009.04.26 DES to encrypt anything using anykey, just pass any-object, will be encrypted ;)
  • 2009.04.03 Major changes in both data structure and logic structure of DES to increase the performance and decrease the used memory.
  • 2009.03.28 Re-organization in the svn repository, now it looks nicer.
  • 2009.03.28 Updates and some fixes in the DES.
  • 2009.03.12 A AES stand-alone demo source code has been released.
  • 2009.03.01 A DES stand-alone demo source code has been released.
  • 2009.02.28 DLL source code has been released.
  • 2009.02.28 DLL executable is available for download.
  • 2009.02.28 GUI executable is available for download.
  • 2009.02.26 GUI+DLL executables are available for download.


  • Currently the source code is not available, only a GUI demonstration using C++.Net, you can use the bundled dll to link to the several supported algorithms, more details will be available soon AFTER the release of the source code available for the dll only and each separate algorithm source code is available too, written to compile for .Net 3.5 any standard C++03 compiler, and you can now download a compiled GUI that demonstrate the dll.
  • More platforms will be are supported later now, currently under windows using .Net Framework 3.5 you can easily link to the bundled dll, and under any other platform you can compile the source independently.

Project Status:

  • Releasing a PUBLIC version of the source code to meet the C++03 standards.

Project Development Steps:

  • Algorithms Implementation. DONE
  • New Invented Algorithms Implementation. DONE
  • Simple GUI Demonstration. DONE
  • Featured GUI Demonstration. DONE
  • Core Standardization. CURRENT
  • Command Line Support. PENDING
  • Plug-In Concept Support. PENDING
  • Operating System Portability Management. PENDING
  • Other Languages Support With Simple UI Demonstrations, in the following order:


    C-Sharp PENDING






  • Featured UI's. PENDING

MACS stands for "Math And Computer Science", the logic used comes from here, actually the project was originally developed as a graduation project by 2 Egyptian Computer-Science students: (Amahdy & Paula), special thanks to (Haly) ...

I hope u enjoy it, and share your thoughts and feedback :)

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