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Benchmarks PolyCleaner tool & Benchmarks Jul 23, 2018
PolyCleaner PolyCleaner tool & Benchmarks Jul 23, 2018 Update contact + email May 27, 2019

Copyright (c) 2018 Group of Computer Architecture. All Rights Reserved.

This directory includes an executable of our tool PolyCleaner. For details on the techniques behind see the publication "PolyCleaner: Clean your Polynomials before Backward Rewriting to Verify Million-gate Multipliers" by Alireza Mahzoon, Daniel Große, and Rolf Drechsler accepted at ICCAD 2018.

PolyCleaner was developed and tested in Fedora 24. For related information, e.g. other SCA-based verification approaches, please visit or contact

Use the following command to verify multiplier:

./PolyCleaner <inputFile> <outputFile>

inputFile: name of a gate-level Verilog file to read

outputFile: name of output file containing verification data

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