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License: MIT

GenMul (version 1)

GenMul is a multiplier generator which outputs multiplier circuits in Verilog. The input size of a multiplier and each multiplier stage can be configured with GenMul. For more information visit There you can also run GenMul via Browser.


Clone GenMul using:

git clone

Installation (shell interface)

To build GenMul binary:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install -j2

After installation, GenMul can be run from bin/genmul.

Installation (Emscripten)

Emscripten toolchain can be used to compile JavaScript from our C++ implementation of GenMul.

mkdir build
cd build
emconfigure cmake ..
emmake make install -j2

The compiled files are accessible through bin/genmul.js and bin/genmul.wasm.

Currecntly, we have used the compiled javaScript files in the web-based version of Genmul.

Getting Started


After running, GenMul asks you to choose the architectures for the Partial Product Generator (PPG), Partial Product Accumulator (PPA), and Final Stage Adder (FSA), respectively. Then, the bit sizes of the first and second inputs have to be set. Finally, the Verilog file of the multiplier is generated.

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