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SuperTMXMerge is a tool for diffing and merging Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) files.


Diff screenshot

3-way merging:

3-way merge screenshot

Standard text-based diff and merge tools can work with TMX files, but they will operate on the raw XML text of the file, without understanding the content. This can result in confusing, unreadable diffs, or in some cases merges that result in malformed XML.

SuperTMXMerge understands the underlying format and presents diffs and merges in a (relatively) intuitive way.

Note: The "merging" implemented by this tool is known as [3-way merge] ( To simply combine the unique text units of multiple TMXs into a single TMX, please use the "combine" feature, not the merge feature.


You must have Java 1.6 or later installed. To use the launch scripts, the Java executable must be available on your system PATH. Open a console or terminal and type java -version verify that Java is installed and configured correctly.


On Windows run bin/SuperTMXMerge.bat. On Linux, etc., run bin/SuperTMXMerge. On Mac, double-click the SuperTMXMerge application. This will give you a file selection window. To invoke various features directly from the command line, use the following.


SuperTMXMerge file1 file2 [-o outputFile]

3-way merge:

SuperTMXMerge baseFile file1 file2 [outputFile]

Multi-file combine:

SuperTMXMerge --combine file1 file2 [file3...] [-o outputFile]


Binaries are available at


SuperTMXmerge is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, v2.1.

SuperTMXMerge uses the following libraries with the noted licenses:

  • Java Diff Utils 1.2.1 (Apache License 2.0)
  • Beans Binding 1.2.1 (LGPL-2.1)
  • JUnit 4.10 (Eclipse License 1.0)


Source is available at


  • TMX metadata is exposed as a tooltip on the filename field in the diff and merge windows.

  • TU metadata (when present) is exposed as a tooltip on the change or conflict item itself (place your cursor on the item's chrome, outside of a text field).

  • When merging, character-level diff highlighting is shown. The differences between the left and center are shown in red and green; the right and center are yellow and blue. (Red and yellow are deletions; green and blue are insertions.)


SuperTMXMerge makes some assumptions about the content of TMX files, namely:

  • Each TU has a "source" TUV with a language that matches the TMX's srclang.

  • Each TU has a "target" TUV with a language different from the TMX's srclang.

Further, when reading TMX files, SuperTMXMerge uniquely identifies each TU by the serialized content of its source-language <seg> and the types and contents of its <prop>s. All other TU metadata is ignored for the purposes of diffing and merging.

If your workflow involves TMX files that don't conform to the above description, or your workflow relies on distinguishing TUs or TUVs by their metadata, SuperTMXMerge may not work well for you in its current form.

If you have a real-world workflow that could be improved by SuperTMXMerge but is hampered by the above caveats, please raise an issue on GitHub or get in contact by email.


Build from source with Gradle: ./gradlew assemble

When building for release, git must be present on the system's path in order to generate the version number correctly. That means on Windows you will need something like msysGit.

Copyright 2013-2016 Aaron Madlon-Kay


A graphical diff & merge tool for TMX files



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