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Commits on Aug 20, 2012
  1. More tests.

  2. More tests, new file structure.

    Added some more tests for the new functions and created a new file,
    sympy/combinatorics/ that will accomodate utility functions
    used specifically in testing functions from the combinatorics module
  3. Tests, new utility functions, triviality testing.

    Started writing tests for the new functions (currently, there are
    tests for .center() and .centralizer().
    Wrote some new utility functions to help in the test process.
    Wrote a method to test whether a permutation group is trivial.
  4. Nilpotency testing, improved solvability testing.

    And minor fixes in several docstrings.
  5. Debugging in subgroup_search.

  6. Lower central series

  7. Renamed .commutator() to .derived_subgroup()

    The commutator subgroup, also known as the derived subgroup,
    is the group generated by all the commutators of the group.
    The reason for the namechange is that the name commutator
    will be used for a more general procedure.
  8. Naive implementation of center, new file structure.

    Implemented an algorithm for finding the center of a permutation
    group using .centralizer() in a straightforward way.
    Moved the DirectProduct() function to a new file,
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
  1. @smichr

    Merge pull request #1491 from smichr/partitions

    smichr authored
  2. @smichr

    Merge pull request #1482 from gilbertgede/kane_interface

    smichr authored
    Changed Kane class interface in physics.mechanics
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @smichr

    Revert "partitions: inherit from Union"

    smichr authored
    This reverts commit 2223eb61bdf0ff3e014b57fa50c9f78c0b7803ee.
  2. @smichr

    partitions: inherit from Union

    smichr authored
    The __len__ attribute is given to Partition since Union doesn't implement
    Since the Union prints with no canonical order, doctests were adjusted to
    avoid this.
  3. @smichr
  4. @smichr

    partitions: __sub__ calls __add__

    smichr authored
    Also, don't allow addition of one partition to another -- require
    that an integer be used. If one wants to do this they can do
    a + b.rank to change a's rank by the value of b's.
  5. @smichr
  6. @smichr
  7. @smichr

    partitions: simplify code

    smichr authored
  8. @smichr

    See Alsos added

    smichr authored
  9. @smichr

    partitions: add args tests

    smichr authored
  10. @smichr

    dups -> has_dups

    smichr authored
  11. @smichr
  12. @smichr

    changes to partitions

    smichr authored
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
  1. @smichr
  2. @smichr
  3. @smichr
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