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@amal [Anizoptera] Thread component (very complex commit): - IMPROVED: Full…
… code coverage - IMPROVED: Speedup in IPC. Overall, IPC accelerated by 15-50% compared with the v1.0 release - FIXED: Job identifier added to discard orphaned results - MINOR: Small typo fix - MINOR: Error callbacks for buffer events - FIXED: Discarding of duplicate job packets. This could occur when the worker dies - FIXED: Thread can no longer start new job while result of previous is not fetched - MINOR: More tests for sync mode, better groups of tests - FIXED: Confirmed bug fix for resources damage with child death (Closes #2) - IMPROVED: Thread pool structure API improvements - CHANGED: Debug flag moved to the end of arguments list in pool and thread constructors - FIXED: Master pipe read event cleanup after worker death added (cause can be damaged) - IMPROVED: New tests, better feature and code coverage - CHANGED: Main processing errors handling now works without exceptions - FIXED: Removed incorrect event loop cleanup in some cases - CHANGED: More thoughtful public getters instead of public/protected properties - MINOR: Better PhpDocs and some code reorganization - IMPROVED: Added cleanup for all other (redundant) threads and pools in child after forking - FIXED: Signal handler in master process with many different threads now works normally - FIXED: Confirmation mode (eventLocking) for worker events fixed - MINOR: Debugging improvements. PID update for every call, more data in logs
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