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Removed the unnecessary Note: block in javadoc

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commit ec9bccf9521a6ccdd074f2618626507528a43bc9 1 parent de15ca2
@amalakar authored
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  1. +0 −3  src/main/java/org/junit/
3  src/main/java/org/junit/
@@ -12,9 +12,6 @@
* The <code>&#064;Before</code> methods of superclasses will be run before those of the current class,
* unless they are overridden in the current class. No other ordering is defined.
* </p>
- *
- * <p>Note: If a subclass overrides a <code>&#064;Before</code> method of the superclass, it would render the
- * <code>&#064;Before</code> annotation of the superclass useless.</p>
* Here is a simple example:
* <pre>

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