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#Red Arena

Read more about my design challenges here

Create, edit, and manage the schedule & profile of all staff, riders, and horses. Technical Requirements here


##Competetive Analysis

  • Other centers like them:
    • The ROCK North Austin
      • Focuses on kids
      • Promotes independence & life skills
      • Service, education and research
    • SIRE
      • In houston
      • Focuses on special needs
        • Most common is autism, followed by cerebral palsy
    • Path (certification)
      • promotes safety and optimal outcomes
      • strong core values
        • access and inclusion
        • coop & collaboration
        • education, innovation
        • etc.
  • Differentiating factors:
    • Individual lessons instead of group lessons
    • Program set up to where horses have days off
      • horses are healthy & last 6 years
    • Job training, mental health counseling
    • Broad range of offerings




  • Create session

  • Edit Session

  • View session

  • Notify all participants in session

  • Check availability

  • Birthdays / Anniversaries

  • Upcoming schedile items

  • Updated profile notifications

  • Current to-do's

  • Job training notes

  • Create

  • Edit

  • View

  • Assign time / person

  • Mark Complete


  • Create profile
  • Edit profile
  • View profile

##Client Meeting


  1. What is your current process for these tasks (in more detail)?

    • Schedule - see below
    • Profile -
      • Riders
        • name,
        • address,
        • DOB,
        • phone number,
        • email,
        • startdate,
        • saddle y/n
      • Staff
        • Phone
        • email
        • start date
        • typical availability
        • roles
      • Horse profile
        • name
        • horse tack
          • pad,
          • saddle,
          • reins,
          • stirrups
  2. Describe a typical user for this app? (Organizers, employees, volunteers?)

    • Volunteers (100+) -
      • high school student volunteer hours
      • retired men / women
      • people that love horses
    • Staff (10-15 part time, 2 admin) -
      • medical background
      • RN, retired
      • professional riding instructors
    • Riders (100+) -
      • Kids under 18
      • Adults with brain injury
  3. What adjectives do you want the user to describe the app with?

  • Empathy, fun, healing
  1. How is your center different from other centers like yours?

    • The ROCK North Austin, SIRE, Path (certification)
    • Individual lessons instead of group lessons
    • Program set up to where horses have days off
    • last 6 years
    • JOb training, mental health counseling
    • broad not deep
  2. Are there any assets that I am required to incorporate into the design?

    • Green field

Style Tiles

We came up with a few different concepts for styling, playing around with child-like, feminine, and friendship. We ended up going with a barn-like color scheme and sans-serif spacious type, since we knew our screens would be busy.


During the sketch phase, we chose a tile-like directory and a calendar layout for the "upcoming" page.

Jenna's amazing sketches below:


I used Sketch to do these wireframes



The biggest challenge with mobile was definitely the week view on the calendar. Not much more than a dot can fit, but we managed to fit something big enough for the thumb to tap, and then display more info.



We focused a lot on tablet because it seems like a great solution for the user inside the barn. Walking around with a laptop would be bulky, but a tablet would strike the balance between lightweight & usable.






Style Guide

You can clone this repo & serve it on Jekyll, or find it here very soon.