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(ns amalloy.utils.macro
  (:use [clojure.contrib.macro-utils :only [macrolet]]
        [amalloy.utils.transform :only [transform-if]]
        [clojure.walk :only [postwalk]]))

(defn macro-data
  "Walk a collection turning all list/sequential items into
vectors. Use this on things that you want included in a macroexpansion
as data, not as code."
  (postwalk (transform-if seq? vec) coll))

(defn- partition-params [argvec actual-args]
  (if (some #{'&} argvec)
    [actual-args] ; one seq with all args
    (vec (map vec (partition (count argvec) actual-args)))))

(defmacro anon-macro
  "Define, and then immediately use, an anonymous macro. For
example, (anon-macro [x y] `(def ~x ~y) myconst 10) expands to (def
myconst 10)."
  ([args macro-body & body]
     `(macrolet [(name# ~args ~macro-body)]
        (name# ~@body))))

(defmacro macro-do
  "Wrap a list of forms with an anonymous macro, which partitions the
forms into chunks of the right size for the macro's arglists. The
macro's body will be called once for every N items in the args
list, where N is the number of arguments the macro accepts. The
result of all expansions will be glued together in a (do ...) form.

Really, the macro is only called once, and is adjusted to expand
into a (do ...) form, but this is probably an implementation detail
that I'm not sure how a client could detect.

For example,
(macro-do [[f & args]]
`(def ~(symbol (str \"basic-\" f))
(partial ~f ~@args))
[f 'test] [y 1 2 3])
expands into (do
(def basic-f (partial f 'test))
(def basic-y (partial y 1 2 3)))"
  ([macro-args body & args]
     `(anon-macro [arg#]
        (cons 'do
              (for [~macro-args arg#]
        ~(partition-params macro-args args))))
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