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Add option to NOT escape Unicode; refs #100 CONTRIB-100

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1 parent 37fba7e commit 5380552375c8b074d979cb1d1b8a8382bdf8a999 @stuartsierra stuartsierra committed Nov 30, 2010
72 modules/json/src/main/clojure/clojure/contrib/json.clj
@@ -199,10 +199,10 @@
(defprotocol Write-JSON
- (write-json [object out]
+ (write-json [object out escape-unicode?]
"Print object to PrintWriter out as JSON"))
-(defn- write-json-string [^CharSequence s ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-string [^CharSequence s ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
(let [sb (StringBuilder. ^Integer (count s))]
(.append sb \")
(dotimes [i (count s)]
@@ -220,8 +220,11 @@
(= cp 10) (.append sb "\\n")
(= cp 13) (.append sb "\\r")
(= cp 9) (.append sb "\\t")
- ;; Any other character is Hexadecimal-escaped
- :else (.append sb (format "\\u%04x" cp)))))
+ ;; Any other character is Unicode
+ :else (if escape-unicode?
+ ;; Hexadecimal-escaped
+ (.append sb (format "\\u%04x" cp))
+ (.appendCodePoint sb cp)))))
(.append sb \")
(.print out (str sb))))
@@ -231,49 +234,49 @@
(name x)
(str x)))
-(defn- write-json-object [m ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-object [m ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
(.print out \{)
(loop [x m]
(when (seq m)
(let [[k v] (first x)]
(when (nil? k)
(throw (Exception. "JSON object keys cannot be nil/null")))
- (write-json-string (as-str k) out)
+ (write-json-string (as-str k) out escape-unicode?)
(.print out \:)
- (write-json v out))
+ (write-json v out escape-unicode?))
(let [nxt (next x)]
(when (seq nxt)
(.print out \,)
(recur nxt)))))
(.print out \}))
-(defn- write-json-array [s ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-array [s ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
(.print out \[)
(loop [x s]
(when (seq x)
(let [fst (first x)
nxt (next x)]
- (write-json fst out)
+ (write-json fst out escape-unicode?)
(when (seq nxt)
(.print out \,)
(recur nxt)))))
(.print out \]))
-(defn- write-json-bignum [x ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-bignum [x ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode]
(.print out (str x)))
-(defn- write-json-plain [x ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-plain [x ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
(.print out x))
-(defn- write-json-null [x ^PrintWriter out]
+(defn- write-json-null [x ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
(.print out "null"))
-(defn- write-json-named [x ^PrintWriter out]
- (write-json-string (name x) out))
+(defn- write-json-named [x ^PrintWriter out escape-unicode?]
+ (write-json-string (name x) out escape-unicode?))
-(defn- write-json-generic [x out]
+(defn- write-json-generic [x out escape-unicode?]
(if (.isArray (class x))
- (write-json (seq x) out)
+ (write-json (seq x) out escape-unicode?)
(throw (Exception. (str "Don't know how to write JSON of " (class x))))))
(extend nil Write-JSON
@@ -301,42 +304,45 @@
(defn json-str
"Converts x to a JSON-formatted string."
- [x]
- (let [sw (StringWriter.)
+ [x & options]
+ (let [{:keys [escape-unicode] :or {escape-unicode true}} options
+ sw (StringWriter.)
out (PrintWriter. sw)]
- (write-json x out)
+ (write-json x out escape-unicode)
(.toString sw)))
(defn print-json
"Write JSON-formatted output to *out*"
- [x]
- (write-json x *out*))
+ [x & options]
+ (let [{:keys [escape-unicode] :or {escape-unicode true}} options]
+ (write-json x *out* escape-unicode)))
;; Based on code by Tom Faulhaber
-(defn- pprint-json-array [s]
+(defn- pprint-json-array [s escape-unicode]
((formatter-out "~<[~;~@{~w~^, ~:_~}~;]~:>") s))
-(defn- pprint-json-object [m]
+(defn- pprint-json-object [m escape-unicode]
((formatter-out "~<{~;~@{~<~w:~_~w~:>~^, ~_~}~;}~:>")
(for [[k v] m] [(as-str k) v])))
-(defn- pprint-json-generic [x]
+(defn- pprint-json-generic [x escape-unicode]
(if (.isArray (class x))
- (pprint-json-array (seq x))
- (print (json-str x))))
+ (pprint-json-array (seq x) escape-unicode)
+ (print (json-str x :escape-unicode escape-unicode))))
-(defn- pprint-json-dispatch [x]
+(defn- pprint-json-dispatch [x escape-unicode]
(cond (nil? x) (print "null")
- (instance? java.util.Map x) (pprint-json-object x)
- (instance? java.util.Collection x) (pprint-json-array x)
- (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq x) (pprint-json-array x)
- :else (pprint-json-generic x)))
+ (instance? java.util.Map x) (pprint-json-object x escape-unicode)
+ (instance? java.util.Collection x) (pprint-json-array x escape-unicode)
+ (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq x) (pprint-json-array x escape-unicode)
+ :else (pprint-json-generic x escape-unicode)))
(defn pprint-json
"Pretty-prints JSON representation of x to *out*"
- [x]
- (write x :dispatch pprint-json-dispatch))
+ [x & options]
+ (let [{:keys [escape-unicode] :or {escape-unicode true}} options]
+ (write x :dispatch #(pprint-json-dispatch % escape-unicode))))
6 modules/json/src/test/clojure/clojure/contrib/test_json.clj
@@ -144,6 +144,9 @@
(deftest can-print-unicode
(is (= "\"\\u1234\\u4567\"" (json-str "\u1234\u4567"))))
+(deftest can-print-nonescaped-unicode
+ (is (= "\"\u1234\u4567\"" (json-str "\u1234\u4567" :escape-unicode false))))
(deftest can-print-json-null
(is (= "null" (json-str nil))))
@@ -193,3 +196,6 @@
(deftest pretty-printing
(let [x (read-json *pass1-string* false)]
(is (= x (read-json (with-out-str (pprint-json x)) false)))))
+(deftest can-pretty-print-nonescaped-unicode
+ (is (= "\"\u1234\u4567\"" (with-out-str (pprint-json "\u1234\u4567" :escape-unicode false)))))

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